We're excited to announce the official dates and location for CAMP 2018! Registration is now open!

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WHEN: Sunday, July 29th - Sunday, August 5th, 2018

WHERE: Northport, Washington at Valor Ranch

HOW MUCH: $300 covers the whole week of lodging, food, and CAMP life. It does not include the cost of travel. *Work Exchange opportunities available* (email to find out more about work exchange)

To find out how to attend, email to let us know you're interested. We'll take you through the steps!


This summer in Northport, WA is going to be the most rustic, stripped-down summer of CAMP yet, and we feel that it's very important to communicate the full picture of what to expect this year. We were intentional about this choice and we're excited to be in such an epic landscape and keep CAMP truly out-of-doors. There will not be wifi and probably very little cell service. There is a town nearby that has basic amenities and cell service. The space is a cluster of 5 small wooden cabins, each with 4-6 bunk beds. All the beds are the same. The beds will have basic mattresses, but each CAMP participant will have to bring their own sleeping bag or set of sheets/blanket. All cabins will have electricity. Bathrooms are located in 2 out of 5 cabins, NOT all cabins.  A main shared bathhouse is located in the largest cabin which has 2 toilets, 3 showers and 3 sinks, and there is a single full bathroom in one of the other cabins.  What this means is that CAMP will be a really shared experience and there will be less indoor privacy available than in pervious summers (but outdoor space in totally unlimited). Cabins are fully enclosed and spacious enough to sleep comfortably. The largest cabin has a full kitchen and large gathering space/living room. Outside there is a huge wooden table that can seat 30, a fire pit, a bread oven, and of course, a river. 


 2 out of 5 cabins on the Ranch in Northport, WA

2 out of 5 cabins on the Ranch in Northport, WA

 The Ranch is located on the banks of the Columbia river

The Ranch is located on the banks of the Columbia river


To find out how to attend, email and we'll take you through the steps!