Preston Ranch, Wyoming





Leila Block

Hunter Faacks

Lindsey Filowitz

Brennan Popovic

Emily Gui

Catherine Brookman

Lisa Fagan

Anna Mae Bell

Eleanor Whitney

Keight Bergmann

Gracie Gardner

Hannah Mitchell

Homer Shew

Jesse Thurston

Jessica Garman

Sara Seidman

Kristian Gambardella

Shannon Spicer

Janel Schultz

Sophie Reiff


Dear Artist,
After two successful seasons, CAMP (Collaborative Arts Mobility Project) is preparing for our third annual residency. In 2016, 20 artists gathered at our temporary home in the smoky mountains of North Carolina and in 2015, our inaugural summer, we lived in a giant barn in rural Vermont. We’ve created a community, which continues to grow after and beyond CAMP. This year, we’re excited to make it happen again with a new group of brilliant art makers as we move west-ward this year, to a functioning, historic ranch in
Wyoming. Based on the concept that each CAMP participant carries a unique set of skills and knowledge, CAMP attendees spend the week learning from each other, sharing their own practice, and exploring time and space to work, independently and collaboratively. Each CAMP participant comes prepared with one class, project or workshop to conduct with the group. Days consist of these “classes” in the morning, 
independent work time in the afternoon, communal meals, sharing and shows in the evenings. 
This is your official invitation to CAMP 2017. If you received this postcard, 
we think you are a great candidate and we hope you will join us this summer.

                            Monday July 31st- Monday August 7th 2017
                            At Preston Ranch, Thayne, Wyoming (1 hour from Grand Teton National Park)
                            Cost of CAMP = $300. *

* The cost of CAMP includes lodging and good food for the full week. It does not include transportation to CAMP or personal materials. The apportioned cost is calculated so that funding CAMP is split between all participants.

CAMP (Collaborative Arts Mobility Project) is a week long interdisciplinary summer residency for all working artists. As a collective, we create a communal space in a beautiful rural setting, each year finding a new temporary home somewhere across the US. CAMP is an experiment in active community building and learning. As a group we have transformed the traditional artist residency structure into a fluid, ever-evolving space that is open and shared. The week includes classes, workshops, critiques, performances, and
nightly gatherings. CAMP artists are open to experiencing the artistic practices and mediums brought to the fore by other artists, and are excited to work outside of their comfort zone. CAMP focuses on facilitating collaborative critique and creating a supportive environment so that each artist can push forward towards their goals, challenge their habits, and expand their art-making community. 

----------------SAVE THE DATE! SPREAD THE WORD!-----------------
+  e-mail to confirm your interest in attending CAMP 2017, and we’ll send you information
on how to proceed (your e mail is not a binding commitment)
+ contact us with ANY questions/feedback/ideas. Keep in touch!
+ visit our blog at to see photos from previous summers and updates. instagram: @camp_residency
+ stay tuned for fund raisers and CAMP shows scheduled for spring 2017
With love and excitement from your CAMP directors,      


From the CAMP postcard circa 2016