CAMP is available to anyone, regardless of income. If you want to attend CAMP but cannot currently afford tuition, we have developed a fundraising platform and can offer you all the tools you need to subsidize your costs up to full scholarship and travel reimbursement. Please reach out via email to to learn more.

Our scholarships can cover partial or full tuition to CAMP in exchange for planning and programming support during the year following your CAMP residency. These artists may also be asked to assist the directors during the week of CAMP. Tasks include but are not limited to assisting with promotional and fundraising efforts, marketing and outreach.

As a part of our growth into a more inclusive community, this year our partial and full scholarships will be offered to artists who have previously been underrepresented at CAMP. Both options are available and determined as a case by case basis. Growing CAMP in this context means centering voices of POC, queer, trans, native, non-white and differently abled artists as well as artists from diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. If you identify as part of one or more of these communities please let us know so that we can discuss scholarship programming.


Please reach out via email to to learn more.