CAMP (Collaborative Arts Mobility Project) is an annual, roving residency for artists working across media. For one week each summer, a group of artists meet in a new, remote location to concentrate on practice, share ideas and learn from each other. CAMP focuses on facilitating collaborative critique and creating a supportive environment so that each artist can push forward towards their goals, challenge their habits, and expand their art making community. Our residency is entirely interdisciplinary and is open to everyone who wants to explore/expand their creative practice.


CAMP is an experiment in artistic practice, community and place. As a collective, we transform the traditional artist residency structure into a fluid, ever-evolving space that is open and shared. CAMP offers the space, time and support for artists to practice, cultivate, and incubate ideas. We believe that time spent experimenting, collaborating, and sharing is necessary and fundamental to artistic development. CAMP exists to provide artists with a space to work, build community, lean into new forms, see new places, and create lasting and meaningful relationships with artists outside of their usual artistic sphere.


CAMP is feminist, anti-racist, anti-white supremacy, anti-xenophobic, anti-cultural appropriation, anti-transphobic and anti-homophobic. We are working to become a more inclusive community and to center the voices of POC, queer, native and differently abled artists. We recognize that we have a lot of work to do and as a young organization and our goal is to make CAMP accessible and productive for all. It is central to our value system to listen, hold each other accountable and expect each contributing artist to be prepared to engage in discourse surrounding cultural appropriation and privilege. We have no permanent home; CAMP artists are guests on borrowed land. In acknowledgment of our temporality, we strive to include local artists and community members to help us understand and contextualize our time in our temporary home. Changing locations annually allows different artists to attend, keeps CAMP affordable, and creates a fluid, ever-changing platform.


CAMP is a week long residency that changes locations each summer. CAMP is open to everyone who wants to explore/expand their creative practice and share that practice with the CAMP community.  You do not need to identify as a visual artist, performer or writer to attend. CAMP artists have included teachers, scientists, social workers, clowns, installation artists, sculptors, choreographers, musicians, chefs, farmers, dancers and more. 20+/- artists participate in CAMP each year. The week includes participant lead classes, workshops, critiques, performances, and nightly gatherings. "Workshops" are broadly interpreted; artists can teach a class, test out an idea, begin a project, share a skill or lead a discussion etc. The term "workshop" is used to loosely describe an artist's allotted time to lead the group through some kind of experience. The cost of CAMP changes year to year based on the total price of our rental location, food and attendees. The apportioned cost is calculated each summer so that the program is split evenly between participants. Currently, we offer a limited number of scholarships and stipends which are fundraised during the year. CAMP was founded by two close friends, Lisa Fagan, a choreographer and performer, and Emily Gui, a visual artist and teacher. We invented CAMP as a way to secure the time and space we believed necessary to create new work- we feel that building and expanding our community and sharing with artists outside our immediate medium is crucial to that effort.

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Please visit our FAQ page to learn even more about CAMP.